Connecting new Bharat

For Sellers

Reach More Retailers

Extend  presence online to reach more retailers directly

Integrate Offline and Online

Leverage large network of offline retail and reach new customers on local commerce digital platform

Reach the unreachable

Reach non internet users through our Assisted commerce platform.


  • Connect with more retailers online
  • Reach customers through local retail online commerce platform
  • Reach offline customers directly through assisted commerce digital platform

For Retailers

Digitize Your buying

Improve efficiency,source at lower cost

Optimize Inventory

Reduce working capital by using next generation retailing tools

Go Online

Go online with us and reach more customers


  • Bulk buying portal to source at lower cost
  • Reduce inventory using our inventory less selling tools
  • Create your online footprint
  • Reach more customers

For Assisted commerce partners

Assisted commerce partner

  • Earn and grow
  • Unleash the entrepreneur in you
  • Assist non internet users to buy online



  • Explore your city
  • Avail exciting offers near you
  • Buy from your trusted shops
  • Fast delivery